All tattoo projects require a deposit. Here is a comprehensive list of policies regarding your appointment:

-Deposits are non refundable. * NO EXCEPTIONS
-Government issue photo ID will be required for EVERY appointment.
-You must be at least 18 years of age on the day of your appointment.
-Only 1 person may accompany you to your appointment.
-Children are not permitted in the tattoo area.
-Once the deposit is given, your appointment date(s) are locked into your artists schedule. Any attempt to move, shorten, cancel or alter your appointment may, at the artists discretion, result in a partial or complete forfeit of your deposit.
-It is the responsibility of the client to ensure all necessary funds, and time needed to work on your tattoo are in order prior to your appointments. Please make the necessary arrangements with employer, babysitters, transportation etc.
-Your artist may, if needed, contact you after your initial consultation for additional info. Such as measurements of the tattoo area, compositional ideas, brainstorming etc. Please respond to them as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in loss of deposit.
-Any unreasonable changes made to the design after the initial consultation may, at the artists discretion, result in forfeit of deposit. Once the tattoo process has begun, all creative control is given to the artist. Any input on artistic changes during the tattoo will result in the immediate end to the session.
-If you are late for your appointment, (stuck in traffic for example) , please send a Facebook message or email to inform us. Excessive lateness may result in a monetary penalty.
-It is the responsibility of the client to show up to their appointment sober and of sound body and mind. Anyone arriving to their appointment drunk or high will be sent home, and their deposit will be forfeit.
-Please inform your artist of any pre existing medical condition that may negatively impact the application and healing of your tattoo. Examples of this may include, but are not limited to, skin rashes, shingles, open sores, blood disorders etc. Please inform us of any medication you may be taking which might affect your tattoo (I.E. blood thinners).

-If you wish to see a stencil or completed artwork of your tattoo, our artists will allow an in studio viewing of the artwork no earlier than the day before your appointment.  All artwork must be viewed in person. We do not email, snapchat or text message designs. No exceptions.  

-Deposits are a transaction between the client and artist. Pure Imagination Tattoo & Arts Collective is not responsible for and grievances or disputes, either personal or legal in nature, that may result from deposit forfeiture.

*please note that our "one friend only" policy has been temporarily suspended  during the covid 19 pandemic. Please come alone to your appointment.

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