Pure Imagination is an Edmonton based private and by-appointment-only tattoo studio, and home of artists Steve Sklepic, and Sydney Mason. We offer quality work in a secure, friendly and comfortable atmosphere. To book, send us an email by clicking the buttons below.  Be as descriptive as possible in explaining your tattoo concept.  Be sure to include what you are thinking of getting, where on the body you are hoping to put it, and roughly how large. Feel free to attach any reference images you may have saved.  Photos of the area you're hoping to put the tattoo on can be helpful as well. We will respond to your email as promptly as possible. 

We look forward to hearing from you, and bringing your tattoo idea to life.


Steve Sklepic

The shop owner, Steve enjoys full colour realism, nature, and scifi/fantasy inspired tattoos. Below are samples of is work, as well as designs he would love to put to skin. Email Steve book your free consultation now.


Sydney Mason

The shop apprentice, Sydney enjoys black and grey realism, Neo-traditional and nature inspired pieces.

Below are examples of both her tattoos, and designs she enjoys doing. 

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