Hello! Steve here. If you like my work and want to book a tattoo with me, here's how to get started:

-Send me an email by clicking the button below.  Be as descriptive as possible in explaining your tattoo concept.  Be sure to include what you are thinking of getting, where on the body you are hoping to put it, and roughly how large. Feel free to attach any reference images you may have saved.  Photos of the area you're hoping to put the tattoo on can be helpful as well, as they give me an indication of if I'm working around or over and pre existing tattoos, scars or blemishes.

- I will respond to your email as promptly as possible. If your tattoo idea is very straight forward and simple, we can proceed to booking an appointment. More often than not, I'll request that we set up a face to face consultation to work out details. Things like how long the project will take, how many sessions it will take, budget, and so forth.  If you live out of town, we can arrange a consultation via face time or video chat.

-I always book consultations first thing before I begin my tattoo day. So roughly 11:00 am. That way you have my undivided attention, and clients tattoo sessions can go uninterrupted.

-Once we've formulated a solid game plan to get your tattoo project underway, I then ask for a deposit. Deposits come off the final price of your tattoo, and "lock" your appointments into my schedule.

-I always make sure to review my deposit policies with the client before they pay it. Ive also included them on this website for your convenience. 

-Once that deposit is given, I get crackin' on your drawing. Finalized artwork is presented to the client the day before their first appointment. No exceptions.

I look forward to hearing from you, and bringing your tattoo idea to life.

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