Aza has been tattooing since 1994 after landing an apprenticeship in Victoria bc . Proficient in many styles of tattooing such as solid colour , black and grey , poly tribal and geometric . Aza enjoys new school , old school trad, black ‘n grey, Japanese, poly tribal, as well as henna and mandalas. He has also been building tattoo machine for his whole career.  He builds coils , rotaries and hand pokers, and he tattoos using said machines.
Influenced by pop culture video games, movies and cartoons, Aza's current favourite art medium is copic markers. He also paints regularly with oils or acrylics and is constantly building cool toys in the machine shop like wizard wands and laser guns and star trek phasers, yes real ones... 
If your interested in booking a consultation for a tattoo, You can contact Aza at:
For more of my tattoos follow him on Instagram @azamachine

Here are some drawings and tattoo designs Aza would love to do. Send him an email to claim a design today

Here are some of Aza's hand built tattoo machines.